About Us

As She Pleases aims to encourage and empower women to challenge the belief that their looks, age, weight, and other characteristics of their physical appearance are what makes them valuable or worthy. In the last five years, it is no secret that brands are actively working to become more inclusive and body positive. As much as this is a step in the right direction, we noticed a striking similarity among these campaigns. Each were promoting the message that every woman's body and every woman's appearance is beautiful. Everything was still revolving around one's appearance! Each were still actively focusing on a woman's looks and sending the message that regardless of your shape, size, age and color, it is your looks that make you beautiful. As a brand, we then felt we had a mission to accomplish, in breaking this ongoing societal message that a woman's looks (regardless of what those may be) is what defines them, and gives them value or worth. We realized that no one was calling out the obvious, that an individual's physical appearance is never what should be focused on when determining one's value or position in society. The rest of the body positive brands were not talking about the fact that women are SO much more then their physical appearance. Learning to love and value yourself is unlearning everything you've been taught about what a woman should be. We take great joy as a brand in celebrating the truth that your looks, weight, age, etc do not bring fulfillment or determine value, and instead aim to highlight what makes each of us remarkable. We are outraged that women are still seen in most of society to be the less powerful, less intelligent, less capable, most controlled sex who are first and foremost valued for their physical appearance.We are here to empower and encourage women of all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, and cultures to challenge the narrative society has ingrained in all of us that a woman's looks, body, and age determines her value/worthiness. This objectifying message is still at the heart of society and signals to women, starting at a very young age that it is our duty to make ourselves as beautiful and appealing as possible all for the pleasure of others or we will inevitably have to face the pain of being unloved, mocked, left out, rejected, or not taken seriously.This radical stance is aimed at achieving dramatic break throughs for women and society as a whole to slowly begin to change the narrative around what defines a woman's value. Physical appearance is irrelevant in determining one's sense of worth and one's competency, and we are determined to help women see this current reality is not normal, but an outright injustice. We aim to highlight a woman's drive, mind, creativity, kindness, determination, self compassion, self respect, empathy, passion, beliefs, values, character, and what she stands for is who she is and what makes her valuable and competent human being. You are not and will never be your looks, the number on the scale, the size of your jeans, your age, your test score, etc. You are your character, period. We are a radical voice, creating hope for change in an ever present, objectifying and judgemental world.